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Agile Analytics is our amazing platform for optimizing software operations. The platform allows teams to gain insights into their entire pipeline and integrates against all the tools used rather than being limited to Jira or Git. Agile Analytics integrates various systems like your project management system (Jira, Azure DevOps), monitoring systems (AWS CloudWatch, GCP Cloud Monitor, Azure Monitor), collaborative communication systems (Slack, Teams or Discord), and continuous delivery (like Github, Gitlab or Bit Bucket). Using this platform, teams can make more informed decisions and become data-driven!

How to measure productivity metrics of software teams

Understanding team performance is crucial for professionals in the tech industry, regardless of their role. It can be challenging to get a clear view of how teams are performing, but with the right tools and strategies, professionals can take their team's performance to the next level and achieve business goals more effectively. Practical tips include increasing team autonomy, balancing maintenance and feature work, and getting a grip on software development stock.

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Assessing software development progress and its impact on production can be difficult, but there are tools and metrics available to gain a better understanding of team performance. Manually reviewing backlog items can provide insight, but automation is necessary for regular analysis. Objective metrics like Error Budgets can signal when to shift focus. The right metrics need to be identified to measure productivity accurately, such as DevOps DORA Metrics. Team culture is also important to consider, with tools like Kudos to gauge overall morale. Agile Analytics provides features to optimize workflows, measure team productivity using DORA metrics, and ensure a safe, fun, and engaging work environment.

Tracking ‘Error Budgets

'Error Budgets' are a way to measure and manage the allowable amount of errors or downtime in a system or service. It involves setting a threshold for acceptable errors, and the remaining budget is used for making improvements or implementing preventative measures. This approach helps teams prioritize their efforts and resources to minimize the impact of errors and keep the system or service running smoothly.

Using Error Budgets, teams can automatically monitor their performance and receive alerts when their service level drops too low. This feature increases team autonomy and provides valuable insights into the quality of their service delivery.

  • Monitors if your service level is inside or outside of 'budget'
  • Improves the autonomy of your agile team
  • Delivers actionable data about how you’re managing production

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Agile Analytics - Sprint Insights

Sprint Insights is a feature that uses deep learning technology to determine whether a ticket represents maintenance or feature work and how much time is spent on each. This feature provides users with greater insight into their team's sprints, allowing them to make more data-driven decisions and focus on the areas that matter most. By analyzing millions of tickets from public sources, Sprint Insights provides accurate and comprehensive information, making it a valuable tool for teams looking to improve their productivity and efficiency.

  • Creates insights in feature development balance
  • Uses AI and machine learning to analyze your tickets
  • Automatically registers the time spent on feature & non-feature work

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Measuring ‘Software Stock’

The Stocks feature helps users manage their software development backlog, also known as their software stock. The Stocks feature in software development helps manage the backlog by tracking deployment cadence and identifying waste. It provides insights into the amount of work waiting to be released and helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This tool is helpful for improving the software delivery process, optimizing resources, and reducing costs associated with a high backlog. It shows unexecuted development changes, the productivity of the team, and relevant data about software stock and waste.

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Easy tracking of DevOps DORA metrics

The DORA metrics are a set of performance metrics developed by Google's DevOps Research and Assessment team to help software development teams measure and improve their performance. These metrics are based on six years of research and are predictive of software delivery operational performance. The DORA metrics provide insights into successful deployments, end-to-end monitoring of feature realization, lead time for delivering value, service level, change failure rate, and operational productivity metrics. Teams can track these metrics continuously and automatically using the Agile Analytics platform. The DORA metrics feature is a valuable tool for any software development team looking to improve their performance and deliver better software faster. It provides clear and fair performance data, streamlines development processes, and creates happier developers while increasing engagement and motivation.

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Detecting and managing 'Leaked Keys'

The Lost API Key feature in Agile Analytics is designed to help users scan their Git repositories for any lost API or private keys. If a lost key is found, users can quickly identify what happened, block the lost key, and resolve the incident, ensuring the safety and security of their systems.

This feature is particularly valuable for teams working on large software development projects where many keys may be in use, making it difficult to keep track of them all. By using Agile Analytics, users can quickly scan their repositories and identify any lost keys, preventing potential security breaches and ensuring the smooth operation of their systems.

  • Get a clear insight into your teams’ software waste
  • Figure out where software stock is created
  • Automatically scan your Git repositories on ‘lost’ keys
  • Easily mark the key and solve the incident

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The Lost API Key feature is an important tool for teams looking to ensure the safety and security of their systems, particularly in high-risk environments where sensitive data may be at risk. With Agile Analytics, users can quickly identify and resolve incidents related to lost API or private keys, making it easier to maintain the integrity of their systems and safeguard their data.

Automatically track Hours spent

The hour registration feature in the Agile Analytics platform allows users to quickly and easily register the number of hours worked. The platform also includes an inferred hours feature that suggests the number of hours worked based on the user's input. This all-in-one platform feature can help users keep track of their work hours accurately and efficiently.

Make more fun: Karma & Kudos

The feature allows users to reward their team members with Kudos and celebrate their personal and team achievements. It also provides leaderboards to keep track of scores and encourage friendly competition. Overall, the feature promotes a fun and positive team dynamic and encourages collaboration and recognition among team members.

  • Celebrate team achievements together.
  • Reward each other with Kudos
  • Have a little fun and recognize each other! (🎈 , ⭐, 👍)

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Are you tired of guesswork and unproductive software development cycles? Look no further than Agile Analytics! By integrating with all existing support tools, our platform provides critical insights into the health of your software operations and where to improve. With features like Error Budget, teams will know exactly when to push forward on feature development or break a sprint. Our Deep Learning-powered dashboards empower software teams with the right metrics to become high-performing, all while reducing defects in production and cutting feature delivery time.

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