Crowd of fans in city for standing event, travel-inspired floor

ZEN Software and Mirabeau teamed to facilitate a trip to San Francisco. We visited Google Cloud Next, negotiated with a number of (prospect) suppliers and Arjan gave a talk about Feature flags and Cloud implementation at Launch Darkly.

Google Cloud Next Conference

Smiling team engineering event to modernize healthcare: Next '19.

The team headed to the Moscone Center and visited a large number of talks on varying topics like:

  • Knative
  • (Management of) Service Mesh
  • How AI is transforming the Enterprise
  • Kelsey Hightower on Container panel

Leisurely having fun outdoors wearing green goggles & a smile! #

Lighting-up architecture projected on a suit-clad podium, creating

Sky's the limit! City skyline filled with leisurely plants and skysc

The conference sparked a lot of new development in the teams and we went home happy & tired.

Relaxing solo on the couch with fingers soothing sore shoulder/leg
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